W1: The Prophetic Church

Speakers: Rev Ong Sek Leang and Pastor Janice Chng

The prophetic church thrives in the prophetic realm. Learn how to create a prophetic atmosphere to build generations of leaders who will keep the Church on the prophetic edge of God’s purposes.

W2: Leadership through #Generations

Speaker: Rev Dr John Smith

Succession planning is one of the biggest challenges in a church. Discover the important keys to leadership renewal through the generations.

W3: The Team Leadership Model

Speaker: Rev Wayne Alcorn

Today’s church cannot rely solely on just one leader. This workshop shows how team leadership can make a great difference in church growth.

W4: Best 2nd, not 2nd Best

Speakers: Rev Dr Wilson Teo

The number two person in the church has a vital role to play. Learn about the best practices on how to be the best second person in the organization.

W5: Making Disciples

Speaker: Rev Dr David Mohan

The call to making disciples is integral for any pastor. This workshop explores the fundamental call of our Lord Jesus to fulfil the Great Commission by making disciples.

W6: The Millennial Mission Team

Speakers: Rev Brad Walz and team

With the rising of a passionate generation of younger leaders, learn how to prepare the next generation to go and make disciples of all nations.

W7: Church Planting Today

Speaker: Rev Reynaldo Aguilar Calusay

The world has changed significantly since the turn of the millennium. Are existing models of church planting still relevant? Come and learn about effective church planting in today’s ever changing world.

W8: The Middle Eastern Kingdom of God

Speaker: Rev Dikran Salbashian

The Middle East is a global hot bed and God’s hand is evident in the region. Learn more about the needs and what more can be done for God’s Kingdom in the Middle East.

W9: Relevant Leadership

Speaker: Rev Peter Sleebos

The new generation that God is raising requires leaders who are ready and equipped to lead them and impart into their lives. Find out the relevant keys to empower this new generation of leaders.

W10: The Principled Pastor

Speaker: Rev Dr Barnabas Mtokambali

Pastoring today is very different from the past. Learn the principles to adapting to the changing landscape and remaining effective without burning out.

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