Rev. Dominic Yeo
General Superintendent

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Welcome to the official website of the Assemblies of God of Singapore, which represents the fellowship of the saints who are part of this strategic movement God has called His Church to be - Salt and Light in our nation and the regions beyond.

As a strategic movement, we are called not just to influence those immediately around us but to also make a wider impact in the Kingdom of God. The truth is, everyone is called to be a strategic leader regardless of one's age, gender or culture. God has called you and me, His Church, to strategically impact lives through our various roles and responsibilities. It is exciting to allow God to use you for His divine purposes.

More than just making an impact, strategic impacts are also fresh impacts! I am a firm believer of our heritage, for I stand as one of the many thousands touched and transformed by this movement of grace. However, God wants His Church to build upon the strengths of the past and make a fresh impact, impacts that are both relevant and powerful to transforming lives today.

My friends let us continue to pursue after God's heart courageously. In the urgency of our times, may the Church of Jesus Christ arise to make an everlasting, strategic impact for His glory.


AG Times Issue 32/2017

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